Why your school needs to move to cloud-based equipment checkout software

School districts, universities, and colleges often deal with large amounts of AV equipment. When it comes to inventory monitoring and tracking, they still tend to rely on traditional tools like spreadsheets. However, this manual approach is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. That’s why many education institutes have moved their equipment management systems to the cloud. Here are 3 reasons why you should transition to cloud-based equipment checkout software.

1. Easily manage your inventory from multiple locations & devices

In most cloud-based equipment checkout software systems, you can easily set up multiple locations. This makes it easy to transfer equipment from one location to another, which is particularly useful for schools with multiple departments, buildings, or storerooms.

These cloud management tools also provide authorized users with around-the-clock access from anywhere and any device, allowing you to view equipment data in real time. More importantly, the check-in/check-out process only takes a few seconds, and all the gear can be checked in and out while you’re on the go. Easy and hassle-free, no more servers, expensive license fees, complex installs, or updates!

Make sure you add equipment bookings and reservations to your calendar app and put your equipment planning in your pocket!

2. Group equipment items into categories

With a cloud-based equipment management solution, you can set up categories for your equipment. This will make the equipment management process much easier, giving you an overview of your equipment when adding more items to your inventory.

Moreover, those categories will help you set up a smooth and efficient checkout process from any device or desktop computer. Especially when you want to combine multiple items of equipment into one single check-out. A tool like Cheqroom’s will enable you to group items together as a kit, based on their usability. For example, a compiled kit of AV assets could include a camera, a lens, and a tripod.

3. Grant access to other team members & students and manage their roles

Managing a large inventory at a school or university should be a team effort. Almost every cloud-based equipment management system will let you add other users and allow them to manage their equipment using any device, from wherever they are, and keep everything up to date.

Cheqroom will enable you to work with your team in any way you like to keep track of inventory changes in real time! You can even grant your students the right to see and book equipment themselves.

This is where the self-service role comes in. It enables students to book or check out their equipment, without interfering with others.

Would you like to know more? A free trial is available to experience it yourself!

Written by Hana Belbecir Aug 28, 2021

Meet Hana Belbecir, our dynamic content marketer. She infuses creativity and strategic vision into the core of our brand. Hana, passionate about storytelling and has a keen eye for market trends, is devoted to creating a unified brand identity for Cheqroom. Her favorite part? Working & brainstorming with different creatives.