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introducing Bulk Items.

Ready for "Lights! Camera! Action?"

Well... it's great that you have the lights and cameras, but you also need cables, batteries, and extra accessories for action. Forgetting even one item during check-out can lead to disaster on set. For producers, this can result in wasted money. That's why we created Bulk Items, so you can easily keep track of everything and never forget an item for your production.

What are Bulk Items?

Bulk items are a new type of inventory item that you can add to your Cheqroom account. These items typically include extras, accessories, cables, and clamps. Although you may have dozens of them, they are often cheaper and easy to replace. As a result, you may not track them in the same way as your more valuable equipment, such as your beloved ARRI Alexa.

With Bulk Items, you can group multiple items as a single entity. For example, if you have 100 XLR cables, you can now create a Bulk Item called "XLR" and add all 100 cables to it. All 100 XLR cables will share a unique bar/QR code. This makes it easier and faster to manage your inventory, especially when checking items in and out. Best of all, those 100 XLR cables only count as 1 item in your total item count.

How do Bulk Items work?

Bulk items work just like regular items in Cheqroom, with a few key differences.

Item Overview

In the item overview in Cheqroom, you can view bulk items. However, if you own a hundred items, you will not see all 100 displayed. Instead, you will only see the name, the total quantity you have, and the number that are available.

How Bulk Items Work

Reservations and Check-outs
You can quickly see how many items are available out of the total count. When you reserve or check out a Bulk Item, you can decide how many items you want to take from the entire group. For example, if you have a Bulk Item called "Solid clamps" with ten individual clamps, you choose how many clamps you want to check out.

Add items to reservation

Flagging Bulk Items

Bulk items are intended to be tracked collectively, as it is essential to know the total quantity and availability. Since these items have a low value and are easy to replace, tracking them individually doesn't make sense. Therefore, you cannot flag bulk items.

Benefits of Bulk Items

Bulk Items is a feature that will change the way you manage your equipment inventory.
With Bulk Items, you can easily manage less valuable items owned in large quantities. This feature lets you track all items in one place, so everything in your inventory will finally be in Cheqroom.

Bulk Items also helps ensure that you, or other users like students, never forget to take bulk items to production, so you never delay production due to a missing item.

You can also know in advance how many Bulk Items are available, and if you are running short in stock, you can order items in advance to cover the demand.

Cable overview mockup

Overall, Bulk Items makes inventory management more efficient and gives equipment managers more inventory control. If you're a Cheqroom user, try Bulk Items today. If you're not, discover what flawless equipment management looks like by trying it for free.

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Written by Maria Alejandra Benitez Oct 11, 2023

Maria Alejandra Benitez is our product value expert at Cheqroom! Her day-to-day involves launching exciting new features, unveiling the value of each Cheqroom feature to our wonderful team and, most importantly, our cherished customers. Her all-time favorite Cheqroom feature? Spotcheck 💕. Maria is a true enthusiast when it comes to customer experience and product adoption! Plus, she absolutely adores it when customers respond to her emails 🥰.