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How Bulk Film Gear Inventory Management Works

Learn how bulk item inventory management works, why it’s important, and how to track products and accessories in mass with Cheqroom’s Bulk Items feature.

How Bulk Film Gear Inventory Management Works

Bulk items refer to items that are purchased, stored, and sold in large quantities. This includes bulk film gear, such as cables, cameras, lenses, batteries, apple boxes, lighting, tripods, C-stands, and other electronics. The main characteristic of bulk goods is a significant volume, which typically requires special handling and storage procedures. Not to mention, there's also a cost advantage to purchasing goods such as film accessories in bulk.

Those who are looking to manage their film gear and accessories could benefit from proper inventory management, especially when handling these larger item quantities.

So, what is the best way for videographers to manage their bulk item inventory? Below, you'll learn all about proper bulk inventory management for video gear and why it's essential for daily operations. Keep reading to understand inventory management for video gear and other equipment purchased in bulk.

Video set with C-stands, which could be handled as bulk items

What is bulk inventory management?

Inventory management for bulk goods refers to the process of efficiently handling and organizing large quantities of inventory. It involves tracking quantity, location, and asset depreciation. Managing video accessories in bulk ensures smooth operations, reduced costs, fewer risks, and increased profits.

When managing inventory for film gear, you may track equipment purchased in bulk, plan strategically, or forecast sales to avoid overstocking or understocking. This minimizes the chances of lost sales due to stockouts or unnecessary carrying costs for having too many bulk products.

The entire process of inventory management for video gear will likely include using application software to track large quantities of items or analyze past data.

Bulk Inventory Management Best Practices for Video Gear

While tracking stock levels, quantity, and store location can be done manually, bulk accessory tracking for film gear is more organized and efficient when it's done using application software.

Cheqroom, for example, is an application that allows equipment managers to keep track of asset locations, manage inventory availability, and monitor equipment item usage. Thanks to the ability to keep accurate records of film accessories in bulk, gear managers find it easier to automate processes efficiently. Here are some of the best practices for managing bulk film gear:

  • Utilize bulk equipment tracking software. Equipment tracking software allows you to reduce the amount of manual data entry that's required, and it can help automate several steps of check-out and tracking processes. See how it works.
  • Automate where you can. Automation technology can help you track store location, forecast customer demand, and manage bulk item order fulfillment by creating actions based on past data.
  • Use asset tags or barcodes. Barcodes and asset tags allow company owners to quickly and accurately scan bulk shipments or products. This updates asset owners and locations efficiently. Check out Cheqroom’s guide to asset labeling here, and they also have an asset label store with (customizable) labels in all sizes and shapes.
  • Commit to regular audits. Audits are a great way to conduct spot checks and identify any issues with inventory levels. These can include the management of missing, damaged, or misplaced video gear such as HDMI cables, power supply cords, wires, digital cameras, camera lenses, batteries and battery chargers, tripods, gimbals, and C-stands. Find more info on how to do an equipment audit here.
  • Make changes based on existing data. By using inventory management software technology, businesses can gather data and gain insights into equipment usage and trends. This helps inform business decisions to optimize inventory stock or reduce costs. Find out more.
xVideographer operating a steadicam with lots of cables, which count as bulk items

Advantages of managing item inventory in bulk and using bulk item tracking software

For an organization to make strategic and informed decisions, it must keep accurate records. Some of the biggest advantages of using an inventory management system include better equipment planning, automation, cost savings, order fulfillment, and more accurate information about asset tracking.

Managing bulk inventory with software allows for better control over stock levels and ensures film gear can be used appropriately. Using inventory management software also allows you to save time and effort as well as set up automatic alerts. More importantly, the data gathered on the software allows businesses to make better decisions using past analytics and insights.

If you're interested in inventory tracking software, Cheqroom's cloud-based tool allows businesses to save time and money by allowing you to manage your film accessories and gear all in one place. Learn more about it by booking a demo today.


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