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Quicket successfully moved to an online system to manager their equipment with CHEQROOM

Tracking equipment using spreadsheets or Word documents became too much of a hassle and of course there was no way to track due dates.
Elizabeth Breslin
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Cape Town
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Quicket is an online ticketing provider for events in South Africa helping event organizers to promote their events, sell tickets and manage entrance. They rent out scanners, laptops and other equipment to event organizers for access control at their events. Elizabeth Breslin handles their support, account, equipment and office management.
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Spreadsheet hassle
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Word documents and spreadsheets became too much of a hassle

“Tracking equipment using spreadsheets or Word documents became too much of a hassle and of course there was no way to track due dates.” Before switching to CHEQROOM, Quicket used Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. But the more successful they became, the more event organizers asked them for help with access control, and after a while using documents and spreadsheets became too much of a hassle.
Elizabeth quicket
Elizabeth is in charge of the equipment at Quicket
Using the old-fashioned way of tracking equipment led to too much administrative work. There was a lot of work to keep records up to date, and on top of that there were no alerts for when customers were overdue in returning equipment.“To see which equipment was already booked out, you’d have to either go physically look in our equipment cupboards or check back through the spreadsheets to find which equipment was already out.”

The right fit for our checkout needs

One of Quicket’s developers, Robin, found and set up CHEQROOM. It was hard to find the right system, as many of them are focused on managing inventory for sale. CHEQROOM was the right fit as it is aimed at managing equipment that is checked in and out multiple times, exactly what Quicket needed. After getting everything set up, Elizabeth was able to handle all equipment management herself. Stock levels vary a lot – sometimes everything is checked in for weeks at time, sometimes almost everything is checked out at once.
quicket team
Quicket team, source: quicket.com
“Once we got all of our stock set up in the system, it was fairly easy (and relieving) to switch from using spreadsheets to an online system”.

Following up on equipment rentals got easier

CHEQROOM has made it easier for Quicket to plan ahead by keeping an overview of current stock. No more checking the cupboards to see what’s available! It also becomes easier to follow up on equipment rentals that are overdue. “It’s definitely easier to just look at our account and say ‘OK, we can’t hire out any laptops next weekend because X event already has them’ or just easily log in and see that the organizer for Y event owes us scanners from a week ago so we must contact them to get these back.”

More time for other responsibilities

CHEQROOM reduces the amount of time that Elizabeth has to spend on administration, so she has more time to spend on her other responsibilities. At the same time it gives her the information she needs to plan future rentals and follow up on overdue equipment. That leads to happy & responsible customers!

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