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We have the best customers on the planet. Here are some of the glowing things they’ve said about us.

Canadian Heritage

I'll call life before CHEQROOM 'the Dark Ages'. It's as simple as that. It has revolutionized everything about our Gear Management.


We've yet to double-book equipment since we started using CHEQROOM, which is very impressive for us. It's allowed us to have a comprehensive area to keep track of all of our equipment and its depreciated value, which we have to report to higher-ups.

Aspect Consulting

Automated notifications have been a great way for us to track equipment items that need attention and remind users when checkouts or reservations are overdue.


The handoff feature is fantastic for letting myself and other inventory managers know who has possession of what item when there isn't time to return it and re-check it out.

Kent State University

The thing we like most about CHEQROOM is the ability that students have to reserve their own gear. The app allows them to do that from anywhere! We see a lot of great features coming and can't wait to see what's next.

Al Jazeera Media Network

In the past, there was always something missing. Now, equipment is handled much more effectively.

Watkins College of Art

I love how easy it was to add my equipment to CHEQROOM. Pictures of the equipment are pulled from a google search to choose from, making it look very professional.

NAIT Students' Association

This software is so much more flexible and powerful than our previous equipment management software. Those two attributes have made all the difference in buy-in from our users and coworkers.

Brigham Young University

The best out there for a reasonable price. Simplifies equipment checkout, allows me to pass that off to student employees.

Danley Sound Labs

We use CHEQROOM to keep track of about $1.5 million worth of the loudspeakers that we loan salesmen for demonstration purposes. It helps us very easily manage the gear so we know exactly where it is, and where its been!

Portland Construction Solutions

CHEQROOM has allowed our construction company to gain much tighter control over equipment and tool checkout.

Purplepass Ticketing

We manage over 200 different pieces of equipment that we rent out to clients. Before CHEQROOM this was done manually in a shared word document — Yes! it was a disaster! Now we have the whole company putting in their own reservations for rentals, we know exactly what we have, what's checked out, and what's late.


CHEQROOM makes our work easier, faster, more accurate and reliable.

Weber State University

CHEQROOM is the easiest, cleanest way to manage all of our Film equipment, among 100+ students. I love the glossy feel. I love knowing where all our expensive gear is at any given moment. I love feeling like I'm in control!

360 PRSolution

It has an extremely easy to use workplace, lots of customization options and very friendly customer support. If you would like to track demo requirements, this is the best solution for it!

School of Visual Arts

Our equipment inventory, bookings and check-outs are now tightly integrated in one single environment!

United Way of Rhode Island

Exactly what we were looking for... We were searching for an inventory system that our whole staff could use for our A/V and campaign equipment. CHEQROOM was perfect. The price is wonderful and the customer service is great!

Whistle Sports

The calendar is the first thing I look at every morning when I get to the office so that I can stay ahead of scheduling conflicts. It is immeasurable the amount of time that has been saved by using CHEQROOM. For the price and ease-of-use, it can’t be beat!

SAE Auckland

Replacing our old circulation system with CHEQROOM has been nothing but positive. It is intuitive and well thought out in a way the team obviously understands what is needed.


Keeping track of equipment across three continents in a team that's doubling in size every six months is a challenge. CHEQROOM allows us to mitigate some of those challenges by giving us a realtime view of what is where and with whom.

JIREH Industries Ltd.

We're able to see where our equipment is at and who has it at any given point in time. It's really nice when working with multiple locations!

Sarah Lawrence College

CHEQROOM has completely streamlined and consolidated our entire workflow from a mix of having to cobble together the library check out system, a reservation spreadsheet and paper checkout sheets all into one place, interactive place!


CHEQROOM enables us to keep track on our equipment with minimum effort.

Colorado Mountain College

I tried out about 5 different reservation/checkout systems before finding CHEQROOM. I even had a custom built program for my position — nothing even comes close. The mobile app has been a revelation for our program. Students can browse all the gear and pick out exactly what they need. It's just so easy and so good!

Missouri State University

Finally an app that pays attention to reservations and check-outs! Other equipment management apps we have used add Reservations / Checkouts as a tack-on but it is clear to us that CHEQROOM actually cares about the details of its functionality. We are so relieved to have less reservation headaches in our equipment rooms!

Channel 1022 Alliance

CHEQROOM has helped our business in many ways, being able to build items into kits is amazing! It's quick and easy for our other staff to know exactly what to bring to special events.

Deskree Studio

As a marketing & development studio, we are always looking for solutions that can both fulfil our clients' needs and are simple and intuitive for them to use. Out of all the products we tested, CHEQROOM was the only modern and functional solution - it just has everything we have ever wanted.

Michigan Technological University

Working with CHEQROOM has been super easy. I love the product and they are always moving forward with new ideas.


CHEQROOM made equipment management super easy and very enjoyable for us. The speed of checking the equipment out became insanely high and I think the built-in image search is awesome.

RED Digital Camera

The interface is very intuitive and customer friendly. You can customize exactly how you want to look at your inventory in the system. And the support is amazing. Very open to working with you on anything you may need.


Our equipment management with CHEQROOM is running great, and the implementation was very smooth, since the tool is user-friendly without a real learning curve

Ginkgo Agency

We use CHEQROOM for our office and film equipment. The app is user-friendly, simple and multifunctional. It really is the best app for gear management out there.

Fujifilm Australia

CHEQROOM was a saviour in managing our equipment. We could finally say goodbye to the old spreadsheets and hello to a new, streamlined experience.

MARRS at Duke University

With CHEQROOM we know exactly what is coming and see where we are going. Being able to anticipate those logistics has been a really big help for our lab.

The College of New Jersey

The overall workflow is just so much nicer. The software is reliable and stops a lot of mistakes from happening.

Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd.

The CHEQROOM App has helped our business to run smoother. This is done by always knowing where the kit is and being able to change all the equipment details and whereabouts from your phone. Timesaver is an understatement.

R3 Entreprenør AS

CHEQROOM is a great solution for our equipment management. It's easy to use, quickly implemented at a low cost. Plus, there is no need to buy new hardware: we simply use our smartphones.

Nordland College of Art and Film

The calendar gives us an easy overview of ongoing checkouts and future reservations. This really makes managing the different productions at the school a lot easier.

Iowa State University

Everyone has their own CHEQROOM account so they can quickly go into our equipment room, scan the gear they need, check-out and be on their way. Being held accountable for the gear they have checked out also means we have had less issues with equipment being lost, forgotten or mysteriously broken.

York College of Pennsylvania

The York College equipment room was a hot mess. We had no idea how much equipment we had or who was in possession of the gear. CHEQROOM has brought order to our chaos!

Denison University

The way students can search items by category and class in the mobile app is very intuitive. The reminders they get when they need to pick up and return their gear save me a lot of time.

Jesus Film Project

CHEQROOM has helped us manage reservations and give people the ability to see what equipment is available on the date of their choice. Plus the added bonus of being able to use the app on mobile devices.

Hogarth / Gramercy Park Studios

CHEQROOM has been incredibly flexible in allowing our studio made barcodes to be recognized by the software. We have also pushed accountability to all users who need to book gear and attaching their information to the equipment and creating deadlines and reminders for this to happen.

Bustle Digital Group

We have saved time and had less headaches in tracking our gear and making sure all teams have what they need to get their projects done. I love how easy the search is: our teams can quickly book things so there is less confusion when different people need equipment.


Thanks to CHEQROOM we have a pretty robuste process in place for equipment reservations and checkouts.

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