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5 responsibilities every equipment manager should master For those new to the field or looking to refine their skills, here’s an updated guide on the 5 key responsibilities every equipment manager should master. From purchasing and maintaining to liquidating an organization’s assets, let’s dive into the essentials!
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Maximize your assets' value by understanding equipment depreciation life Learn about the importance of equipment depreciation life, calculation methods, and strategies for maximizing asset value. Discover practical tips and tools for effective equipment management.
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NAB Show 2024 - Here’s what you’ve missed Relive the mind-blowing moments of NAB Show 2024! Check out all the juiciest highlights, jaw-dropping releases, and slightly underwhelming surprises. Don't miss out on the action!
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How to decide what gear to buy next You want to get your hands on that new camera gear you've been eyeing, but your boss needs some convincing? Learn how to make data-driven (read: smart) decisions to take your productions to the next level!
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Equipment packing list What a bummer! You forgot a piece of gear on set. But you’re definitely not the only one this happens to… However, by using a packing checklist, you can ensure that no gear is left behind. Here's how to create one!
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Sports broadcasting setups are changing Sports broadcasting is switching things up. Alongside the fairly known changes, such as the rise of AI, we can also see some major transitions regarding the gear and studio setups. Find out more!
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Guide for first-time attendees at NAB Show Cheqroom’s Ultimate NAB Show Survival Guide. Here are our top practical tips on how to prep, who to talk to, what to see, what to eat, and so much more. All in one!
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Outside broadcasting: all you need to know How are live events, like sports matches and concerts, brought to your screen in real time? We cover the basics of outside broadcasting, its key components, the role of OB engineers, and the setup of an OB truck. Let’s step inside an outside broadcasting truck!
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How to manage your school’s equipment room Different organizations have different equipment management needs. Schools and universities for example. Some have complex, unique workflows. Others need large volumes of students to collaborate and use equipment, with an important focus on different user roles.
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Beginner’s guide to professional underwater camera housing We went to the biggest underwater studio in Europe where we checked out the underwater film equipment must-haves. How does a water studio work? What do you need to consider when buying underwater camera housing? And how do you get started with underwater filming? Find out here!
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How to manage IT assets Managing your IT equipment properly can help you avoid problems and keep things running smoothly. Here are 7 benefits of a solid ITAM strategy and 7 best practices to get started.
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7 Equipment Room Quick Tips The road to unlocking the equipment room paradise! Efficiently manage and locate your gear, save time, and reduce stress with these 7 tips.
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