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Announcing the Improved Equipment Picker

We’re excited to announce that we made the equipment picker menu for bookings smarter. You can now browse equipment by category and no longer have to know the exact description of the item you’re looking for in order to find it. You’ll be selecting the items you need in no time!

As some of you mentioned on our public roadmap, browsing to single items in the equipment picker when doing a reservation or check-out could take some time, especially for those who have hundreds of items or more. Good news: we made it a lot easier and faster. You can now see which equipment is available by item category.

equipment picker gif

What we improved

  1. The selected tab shows the current selection. To open it, either click the Selected Tab or the image in the bottom left corner.

  2. selected-items

  3. You’ll be able to filter items by flag (with the Advanced filter button)
  4. flags

  5. You can now scroll infinitely to load more items/kits instead of manually clicking the ‘Load More’ button

  6. The styling for selections is improved

  7. You’ll see the number of items/kits that fit your filters in the top right corner

Need any help while using the new equipment picker? Click the question (?) mark to get more info on how to perform an advanced search or be redirected to the help article with more details.

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