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Blog equipment audit
How to do an equipment audit For equipment rooms with over 50 items, used by 10+ people, or accommodating multiple shifts, regular auditing is essential. Unless you want to get fired. Just kidding! (But not really.)
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5 tips for efficiently managing and tracking loan-outs Lending out equipment to customers, employees or students has countless benefits, but it can end badly if not managed optimally. Here are a few tips!
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Blog spreadsheets checkouts Thumbnail no text no logo
Easy Equipment Checkout System with spreadsheets Need a streamlined system for checking out gear? Use spreadsheets! But note, there are some downsides. Read more!
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Time to say goodbye to stereo? Immersive audio was THE hottest buzzword in audio this year. But does that mean that stereo is dead? 😱 Let’s see what Andrew Scheps has to say!
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Blog asset tagging thumbnail
How to start asset tagging Labeling all your gear doesn’t have to be time-consuming & horrible. In this blog, we’ll explain how to get started, which asset labels to use, the difference between QR codes and barcodes, and much more. Read more!
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How to book equipment with Google Forms (it's very simple!) Tired of sending countless emails to request and book equipment? Simply create an equipment request form using Google Forms. Here’s how!
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Easy equipment reservation system in 3 steps Need an easy online reservation system to book out gear? We explain how you can have an efficient equipment reservation process in 3 simple steps, using Google Forms, spreadsheets and a calendar. With that, you will manage and book gear like a pro!
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Blog forgetting gear Thumbnail
No more gear left behind with this simple trick Ever gotten to a shoot and noticed you forgot some gear? It sucks. Keep a secure eye on your gear at all times & be one step ahead with our tips!
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Blog Thumbnail no text no logo IT blog post
Track your IT gear with Cheqroom Assign laptops, tablets, and phones to students in a whiff and hold them accountable. Here’s how.
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Take it further with Cheqroom: introducing Bulk Items Ready for "Lights! Camera! Action?"Well... it's great that you have the lights and cameras, but you also need cables and accessories for action.
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Buying new video equipment? Ask yourself these 3 questions first! You need new gear. But how can you ensure you’re equipped with the RIGHT gear? Simply ask yourself these three questions!
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Blog IBC Thumbnail
IBC SHOW 2023 highlights Couldn't make it to Amsterdam, and the FOMO hit you pretty hard? Here’s what we saw and learned at IBC Show 2023, with practical tips for first-timers.
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