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IBC SHOW 2023 highlights Couldn't make it to Amsterdam, and the FOMO hit you pretty hard? Here’s what we saw and learned at IBC Show 2023, with practical tips for first-timers.
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Equipment Management for Schools and Universities: 5 BENEFITS Properly tracking and maintaining all your (lab) equipment is important for several reasons. We’ve listed the top 5 benefits of equipment management for schools and universities.
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Why do Hollywood filmmakers use RED cameras? Why do a lot of Hollywood filmmakers shoot on RED? Is it better than ARRI? We asked LA-based creative agency Origin Point why they love RED.
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The battery hack everyone should know These battery hacks are so easy & simple that everyone should know them. Some boxes, shelves, and gaffer tape can save your production!
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Lost or stolen equipment - what now? It is a sad fact of life that inevitably some of your equipment or material will be lost or stolen. Trying to prevent loss and theft is important but make sure to prepare for when it happens as well. This gives you the best chances of recovering lost or stolen equipment!
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How ChatGPT organized our equipment room When you have hundreds of pieces of gear, it's extremely time-consuming to manage it all. Leverage ChatGPT's AI capabilities for efficient day-to-day tasks in the AV industry.
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Are women in the film industry equal to men? How has gender bias evolved over the past few years? And what can we do differently? We asked some women in the industry for their opinion.
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How to create an equipment inventory list If you're in charge of a lot of gear, you can’t go without a proper equipment inventory list. But what information should the list contain? Read on for the best equipment inventory list tips and tricks!
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How underwater scenes are shot How are underwater scenes created? We visited the most advanced interior water stage in the world, Lites Studios. What gear are they using, who is the ‘water crew’, how do they create waves, and, most importantly, how warm is the water?
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5 pieces of gear every DOP must have From DOP to DOP: These are the five essential pieces of equipment every Director of Photography needs to have to elevate their craft.
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8 tips for better equipment inventory management Your equipment is a vital part of your business. But are you making the most of it? Read on to discover our 8 tips to improve your business’ effectiveness and productivity!
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Equipment Sign Out Sheet: 7 Essential Parts Keep track of your gear with an equipment sign-out sheet to reduce costs and avoid miscommunication. Make sure to cover the 7 essential components of a watertight equipment sign-out sheet. Get started!
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