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Equipment Management for Colleges: Become the Top of the Class Colleges have lots of video gear for film students to play with. But with so many hands on the equipment, it’s important to keep track of all the gear, ensure that it is being used appropriately, and hold the right people accountable. With Cheqroom, you can.
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Gear Talk: Real Gear Reviews by Real Studios Here's the best film gear from studios around the world! By giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the world of video production, we hope to inspire you to up your game and explore new gear and techniques.
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Tips for Safely Transporting Audiovisual Gear for Travelling Sports Teams When it comes to transporting your audiovisual gear, it's crucial to prioritize safety and security. Here are some tips to help you safely transport your audiovisual gear!
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The new Cheqroom Academic Pro plan If you ever felt that the academic essentials plan was too basic for your needs and the Academic premium plan was way too robust, then we have great news for you. We now have an intermediate plan, the Academic Pro plan.
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NAB 2023 whats new
This is the BEST film gear we saw at NAB Show 2023 Check out the best releases we saw at NAB Show 2023. We talked to a bunch of brands like Sony, B&H, Canon, DJI, ARRI, and many more.
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What's Equipment Access and How to use it Our #1 requested featureBack-and-forth communications on Slack or infinite email threads with your equipment users are not the most productive way of working. We’ve got your feedback. We’re launching Equipment Access
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2 powerful updates to simplify user management in Cheqroom Working with multiple people shouldn’t make equipment management complicated or confusing. So we’ve decided to get rid of the concept of contacts. From now on, a user is a unique individual linked to your Cheqroom workspace.
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Cheqroom’s year in Review 2022 Let’s look back at the incredible year the Cheqroom team had and where it's headed. Believe me, Cheqroom’s future has never looked so promising.
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How to perform a year-end inventory count Less daylight means fewer shooting hours. For those calmer days in the equipment room, we have Spotcheck—the easier and faster way to do inventory counts.
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FIFA World Cup 2022: equipment managers get the ball rolling How do hundreds of broadcasters ensure their viewers don’t miss a second of the spectacle in Qatar? It all comes down to airtight equipment management.
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How to debug your equipment management Not only do IT and equipment managers in the software or gaming industry have to stay informed about the latest gear that could give their company a competitive edge, they also need to know the whereabouts and condition of all their existing equipment. Luckily, there’s an app for that. It’s all about status
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Workspaces add
One account. Multiple workspaces. More control. Every department, campus, business unit, or whatever structure you have in your organization can now have its own gear cage in a Workspace under only one Cheqroom account.
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