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How to organize gear maintenance and repair AV equipment ain’t cheap. Add the costs of avoidable repairs and lost projects, and you have a recipe for frustration, budget issues, and even reputational damage. Making your stuff last and squeezing every drop of value out of it means knowing what you have, its condition, and how to organize it to keep it all in tip-top shape, 24/7.
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Equipment audit
How to do an equipment audit Periodic equipment audits pave the way for The Perfect Equipment Room Workflow: you have all the gear you need for the next project on hand, you know where everything else is, it’s all in great shape, and you know what you have to rent and when – and your creatives are free to do what they do best with zero extra stress.
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The essentials of AV inventory management Equipment managers basically have one mission: get all the gear back in the right place at the right time in good shape. “Those are in fact several missions,” any assertive equipment manager would say. “And there are more.” This short blog, however, sticks to that one base topic: how do you make a well-functioning equipment room?
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Dymo asset labeling software
Dymo Asset Labeling Software Do you use a DYMO LabelWriter in your office to label your equipment? Excellent! Cheqroom can help you print specialized labels for each of your items that will work seamlessly with our mobile app.
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Day in the life: equipment manager and camera operator at MediaMonks When we asked Ronnie den Heijer to tell us more about the projects he’s recently been involved in as a camera operator and as an equipment manager, he laughed and said: “It’s one big blur!” We totally get it. Here’s what he had to say about the ins and outs of combining large-scale equipment management with complex video shoots at the Amsterdam office of global video, VR and creative multimedia design firm MediaMonks. Spoiler alert: it ain’t easy.
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Equipment Sign Out Sheet: 7 Essential Parts Keep track of your equipment with an equipment sign-out sheet to reduce costs and avoid miscommunication. Make sure to cover the 7 essential components of a watertight equipment sign-out sheet. Get started!
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3 equipment management challenges – and our tips for solving them Are you an equipment manager? Ever wish there were more than 24 hours in a day? Not an ideal scenario, but when it comes to lining up the right assets for the right projects at the right moment, some extra time would come in pretty handy. In this blog post, we highlight the top 3 challenges in equipment management and some guidelines for tackling them.
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More control with booking restrictions Do you encounter long queues in the equipment room? Does equipment stay unavailable for long periods because people book equipment for longer than they need? Or do you, as an equipment manager, sometimes feel pressured to hastily prep a last-minute booking? For people like you, we have added booking restrictions to Cheqroom. Hooray! Less stressful equipment managers in the office in 3, 2, 1
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5 frustrations every equipment manager wants to avoid From double bookings to chasing down equipment. Those are the most common problems that every equipment manager has experienced. It's frustrating, we know!
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10 Fun & Original Gift Ideas for your AV Team Ahhh. Holidays. It’s all about the coziness and mentally preparing ourselves for those family dinners that will make us doze off in front of the fireplace. And then there are the gifts, of course!And who doesn’t love gifts?
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6 reasons to implement Equipment Spotcheck A regular inspection or audit of your equipment room is mighty important if you want to be on top of your equipment management. You’re probably thinking, “is it that time of the year again?” But it doesn’t have to be that hard, and you don’t have to do it all at once.
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7 Equipment Room Quick Tips We assembled some quick equipment room tips that could help you and your team to keep it organized.
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