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8 Tips for better equipment inventory management in 2022 Your equipment is a vital part of your business. But are you making the most of it? Read on to discover our 8 tips to improve your business’ effectiveness and productivity!
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5 Tips to Super Boost your Productivity as an Equipment Manager As we all know: time is a very precious thing. But sometimes, even though you try hard to stay organized, a few extra hours a day could help you finish those tasks you wanted to cross off your checklist.That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips that might help you stay on top of things when working as an equipment manager
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Shareable equipment list
The shareable equipment list is here to simplify your workflow Cheqroom now supports shareable and public equipment lists. They come in handy if you want to share a specific list of equipment with a freelancer, student, or any other person you don’t want to grant access to your Cheqroom account.The shareable equipment list is organized, easy to access, and always up to date.
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5 Reasons to trade in Excel spreadsheets for a modern software tool Using Excel for asset tracking in this day and age may be justified because it’s easily available and seemingly cheap and easy to use, but do these reasons hold up against the many disadvantages?
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Choosing the right equipment for your webinar strategy Many companies have started with webinars or want to start but don’t know how. It’s a great step forward to take, so we’d like to help you with it.
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Starting an equipment rental business? Here is our advice! Whether you want to rent out camera equipment, bikes, luxury cars, or party supplies. With our advice, your rental business will be a success.
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Remote work CHEQROOM
4 ways to facilitate remote work with Cheqroom Like many teams worldwide, our team has learnt to work remotely since Covid-19. Although we are more or less used to remote work now, we realize that this can be a challenge, for some industries more than for others. That’s why we’d like to share a few tips to help guarantee and stimulate a smooth tracking of your equipment with everyone working from all over the world.
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10 Examples of using QR codes to track your smallbiz inventory QR-codes have been the way to go recent years to track things or to guide people towards a website, a menu or to enter places or even to pay. But did you know you could organize and track your gear easily by labeling everything with these codes? Here we have a few tips
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5 Tips to Efficiently Manage and Track Loan-Outs Lending out equipment to customers, employees or students has countless benefits, but it can end badly if not managed optimally. A few tips
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5 ways to hold students accountable for equipment A new semester means a lot of new students. But how do you make sure all of the new students handle your equipment with care and bring it back on time, every time? Here are a few ways to kick-start the new semester and keep all of your students accountable for the gear they are using.
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Best Practices for Using Your Inventory Asset Labels Whether you manage a large or small inventory, it’s important to use asset labels to keep track of your valuable gear. Here are some of our best practices for using them. Improve efficiency and reduce extra inventory costs!
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Getting your team on board
Adopting new software: let's get your team on board So you found this wonderful solution to all your problems at work… or at least some of them. And you’re so excited about it, you can’t wait to tell your entire team! Before you do, you might want to consider this: bringing new software into your organization can definitely increase productivity and help your team focus more on their work and less on things like administration. But getting your entire team on board could be a real challenge.
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