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Feature Release: User Roles & Permissions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to building software for your needs. We understand that every company and school is unique, with its workflows that work best. That’s why we revamped the User roles & permissions section. You can now create new user roles and customize them to your needs.

For who?

First, the new feature is available for every account: Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Academic plans. Basic plans will have a light version of the Roles & Permission feature and won’t be able to modify existing roles or create new ones.

How do User Roles & Permissions work?

In order to view and adjust your user roles, you’ll need to go to Settings and select ‘Roles & Permissions’. Here you’ll get an overview of the user roles in your account and a detailed overview of the permissions and restrictions per user role. By default, roles are divided into two main segments.

The first one is System Roles.

These roles are default for every Cheqroom account and are fixed. You can’t change or customize them. Here’s an overview of those roles.

Basic plan:

  • Account Owner
  • Super Admin
  • Front Desk Agents

Professional, Enterprise, and Academic plans have three extra system roles available:

  • Equipment Administrators
  • Equipment viewers
  • Self-service

More info about system roles can be found here

The second one is Custom Roles.

To create a new custom role you’ll need to add a role in the right upper corner or clone an existing role. We recommend going for clear naming that makes sense and describes the role. For example, ‘video producer’, ‘library staff’, ‘student worker’, etc.

The next step is indicating which permissions each role gets. You can do this for:

You can find more info in the help article on custom user roles.

Lastly, you can restrict roles to one or more locations. This is one of the major changes in this feature update. You’re now able to give access in bulk on a user role level and no longer have to adjust it manually for each user. If you want to add or delete a location to a specific role, you’ll only have to do it once.

Remember that the custom roles are only available for Professional, Enterprise, and Academic plans. Do you think: awesome, we can use this new feature! But you’re currently on a Basic plan? Get in touch with our customer success managers via chat. They’re happy to help you move forward.

Happy customizing!

Mar 18, 2020 Written by Hana Belbecir