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Gathering Customer Feedback in New York

Our customers mean a lot to us, and we realize that if we build a solution that fits our customers’ needs, we need a constant feedback loop.

And what better way to be close to your customers and their industry than to visit them regularly? So that’s what we plan on doing more of!

Here’s an overview of our last visit to New York. We got to meet awesome people, learned a lot about how they use Cheqroom, and gained interesting insights on what software improvements could benefit their workflow.

Watch our video or read the full story in this blog post.

First stop: Sigma

Our first meeting in New York was with Danielle from SIGMA Corporation of America.

Danielle manages over 3500 cameras and lenses

Danielle is in charge of managing the more than 3500 cameras and lenses the company has in its inventory. Before Cheqroom, staying on top of equipment planning for events worldwide was a real challenge, but she now saves a lot of time and can easily schedule equipment ahead of time.

Watch the interview with SIGMA

York College at CUNY

Later that day, we visited York College at The University of New York.

We met Greet, the CTLET department’s director, and Brian, who takes ownership of managing their equipment.

They provide audiovisual equipment for different academic programs and use Cheqroom to the fullest with the mobile app. Faculty members can make reservations, change them on the spot and that’s saving Brian and his team a lot of time and round trips to the equipment room.

Read the full story of York College.

Next stop: The Company that invented the ‘CHEQIES’.

The next company we visited would rather stay anonymous, so we can’t mention their name…

But we want to give them the stage for inventing the “CHEQIES” and doing more than 3000 check-outs a year.

I hear you thinking, what are those “CHEQIES”? It’s an internal reward system to incentivize the best equipment users within the company. Every month, they pull a report from Cheqroom and reward the user who returned most items on time with a $50 voucher. Cool, right?

Busy last day

We had a pretty busy schedule on our last day in The Big Apple. We visited Time Magazine, CNN, and Gramercy Park Studios.

Gramercy Park studios is a substudy of Hogarth Worldwide and started to use Cheqroom two years ago. At first, they used it to keep track of their external hard drives but they soon discovered the ease of use of the platform, and Alex Hinge incorporated Cheqroom in their video production process.

Watch the full interview with Gramercy Park Studios.

Will you be next?

Are you the next customer we should visit? Can’t wait to talk to us in person?

We’d love to see first hand how Cheqroom works for your organization, share our best practices and gather your feedback to make Cheqroom an even better fit in the future. Give us a shout!

Feb 17, 2020 Written by Hana Belbecir