new and improved cheqroom

Save even more time with the new and improved CHEQROOM

We’ve been keeping to ourselves lately, we know, but that doesn’t mean it’s been quiet on the CHEQROOM front. On the contrary, we will soon be launching a brand new version of your beloved asset management system.

What’s changing? Let’s take a look.

A full UI overhaul

Why change a winning horse? To offer you an even better horse, of course.

This new, sleek interface allows us to keep adding new, exciting features in the future, as our current UI was getting kind of snug. Our new and improved interface will allow us to keep implementing change in the future while you keep a clear, an easy-to-use overview of all of your assets.

Additionally, we revved up the backend of our interface to improve your experience on newer, faster browsers and bigger screens. The result is an even more intuitive experience, wherever you are.

A bunch of new features

Recurring reservations

We’ve noticed that some of our users request the same kit on a weekly basis. Do you also need the same equipment time and time again? Start saving time by using our new recurring reservation option. That way, you can book the same asset or kit on a weekly or monthly basis, hassle-free.

Generating signed PDFs

Want to hold your contacts a little more accountable for the equipment they check out? Generate a PDF agreement and have them sign it digitally, on the spot. We’ve also include options to generate PDF documents for Reservations and Contacts.

Custom Fields

Do you maintain your own system with student numbers or project codes? Add your own custom fields for an even better overview of your assets. With this new update, merging existing systems with CHEQROOM will become even easier, so don’t hesitate to go all-in.

Enhanced Speed

What can we say? We wanted our application to be better, harder, faster, and stronger. Navigating the web application has become even faster in this new and improved version of CHEQROOM. On top of that, we simplified the way you update data, decreasing the number of clicks needed to just a third of what you needed before.

The devil is in the details

We want to offer you an easy application that is just right and strive to offer you superior user experiences. That’s why we also improved some other, small features to give you that pristine CHEQROOM experience.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Maintain assets even more efficiently
  • Add images to kits
  • Design your own asset labels (PDF, DYMO)
  • Customize table views
  • Monitor your equipment via the new dashboard
  • Calendars as first-class citizens
  • Better conflict handling

What do you think?

In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching the new version of the app so make sure you take a look around and take our new application for a little test spin. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

What features would you like to see next? Drop us a line!

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