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As you know, most SaaS platforms are quite transparent about their pricing. And why not? By and large, their value propositions are compelling! Here’s why:

CHEQROOM charges $19/mo to track up to 50 items in their Starter package, meaning that, for example, tracking $300 saws costs you $228 for an entire year. Think about that: the service pays for itself if it can help you prevent loss or theft of a standard piece of construction hardware (like a saw or drill) ONCE per YEAR. And that’s without looking at all of the time you can save on tracking and managing your equipment. Half an hour each day adds up to dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis. So between the equipment not lost and the time you save, services like CHEQROOM pay for themselves several times over each year.

But why only save money on your equipment management? For the rest of your business there are tools like Knowify, our powerful platform of construction management tools. Think about all the time lost – small amounts every day, larger amounts once or twice a month – from little inefficiencies in your business processes. These are things like handing off POs to be signed, figuring out the purchasing history behind an invoice, or figuring out schedule availability for the people who work for you. Then there are larger time sinks – managing a complex project, maintaining communication with the field, ensuring documents like change orders and contracts are signed and in order, or matching billable time and purchases to contract terms.

For a single person, these slippages probably cost them one or two hours a month. As you add more people, which virtually guarantees lower levels of visibility and higher business complexity, these slippages grow to five or ten hours per person per month. And that’s if nothing’s really going wrong! Using the latest data available (BLS Aug. 2014), US average hourly earnings are $24.53. That means that a twenty person company with a very modest 5 hours of business process “slippage” per person per month is losing $2453 per month to inefficiency! Ouch! These numbers drive home why services like CHEQROOM and Knowify deliver such terrific ROIs for their clients.

Affordable, easy-to-use 21st century business tools are available for your business. Give Knowify and CHEQROOM a try, and see how they can get you organized, save you money, and make you more productive.

Just remember: if you have 20 people in your company, every day you wait could be costing you $100!

This guest post was written by Knowify’s Dan de Roulet.

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