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The Team’s Tale (and How You Can Be a Part of It)

It all started a few months ago…

While the team had always been one of the strongest and fastest of all companies worldwide, they noticed that CHEQROOM’s successful tale had become too much to bear with just the four of them. Customer numbers were growing, while the small team stayed the same. Going strong.

The day of Doom

The team managed to satisfy every customer’s need, but they were not prepared for the worst: the day of doom. The day that the coffee machine broke.

day of doom

Now, the coffee machine affected a lot of the team’s morale, so for a couple of minutes complete anarchy descended. Katalin, our dear customer success bad-ass, was able to calm Mathilde, Jeroen and Vincent down, telling them that together they would find more people who could help out.

Together they created a plan. Mathilde flew all the way from Finland to help the small team out. She, as the true customer care expert, wrote down the necessary characteristics that the new team members should have. They were determined to not only fix the precious coffee machine, but create a bigger, yet still well-oiled, team.

Expansion started…

The initial goal was to find two people who could be trusted with our dearest customers, but also with the CHEQROOM product (and the coffee). They quickly realized they needed more than two new additions. Not only did they want someone to tackle social media, they also wanted someone to boost marketing KPIs, and they needed a new web developer, but also a sales genius.

Vincent, Katalin, Jeroen and Mathilde kept on brainstorming on how to find the best people. It wasn’t until Jeroen, the producer of everything CHEQROOM touches, pointed at Vincent, that they all agreed: Vincent, as the creator of the CHEQROOM universe, should travel the world to find the greatest customer success managers, digital marketers and developers. Where would he find all those people and, most importantly, how would they all fit into the family?

new team members at cheqroom

Vincent looked and looked and finally found a brand new part of the team in the form of Marketing Guru Charlotte, Blossoming Neophyte of Social Media Tessa, and Ukrainian Knight of Sales Fikret.

The three were welcomed with cheers of excitement and a ton of work and ideas that had been circulating the office for years. As Vincent fixed the coffee machine, he realized that even three new people weren’t sufficient with the speed that the company was growing.

So what happened next?

Vincent went on the road again to find new friends from around the world. He climbed steep mountains and slept with wild dingos in Australia to keep him warm. He rode sheep in Ireland and hid in ancient ruins. He climbed the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and fell into the Grand Canyon.


Well… You get it. The CHEQROOM team is looking out for more people. Click here to view our job openings, apply to the one you like best and we will contact you soon!

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