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CHEQROOM is a simple barcode tracking app that gives you full control over your assets. Know where equipment is at, who is using it and when it’s due back. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Scan barcodes with your phone

Scan barcodes (or QR codes) on your assets to identify them, make bookings or check-outs on the go.

Know where assets are

Cut down on equipment loss. CHEQROOM’s barcode tracking system lets you keep records of all your equipment’s locations.

Keep asset audit trails

Improve accountability among your employees: always know who used your assets last. Create and control easily accessible & always up-to-date digital audit trails of your gear.

Built-in barcode scanner

Scan assets barcodes

Integrated barcode scanner

Track assets using the app on your smartphone or an external barcode scanner.

Reduce errors

By scanning barcodes, you’ll always be sure that you are referring to the right asset in your inventory. Don’t let human error be part of the equation.

Flag gear for repair

Let users report faulty assets with a description & pictures within minutes. This makes it easier for you to plan repairs and maintenance, improving asset lifetimes and keeping a super tight inventory.

barcode tracking app
barcode tracking app geo location
GPS & geo locations

Always know where assets are

Know where assets are at all times

CHEQROOM keeps track of the last location each item of your inventory was scanned at. This makes it easier for you to locate and retrieve assets.

Don’t let gear go missing

Knowing where the barcode of each asset was last scanned and by whom makes it almost impossible to lose anything. Easily recover misplaced assets and cut down on equipment loss.

Increase asset accountability

Make people accountable for the gear they are using: let them book and checkout the assets from your inventory they use in their own name by scanning the barcode. It reduces chances of gear going missing and disputes on who’s responsible.

Start tracking assets using barcodes

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barcode tracking app
gear maintenance management

Stay on top of maintenance

Flag broken assets

Let users report faulty gear with a description & photos within minutes. The right people will automatically be notified and can plan repairs right away.

Monitor your gear

Keep an undisputable audit trail of your entire inventory: know what has been done, by whom and what the next steps are.

Plan inspections, calibrations and maintenance

Plan recurring inspections, calibrations and maintenance ahead of time, making maintenance predictable and asset downtime a thing of the past.

Customer reviews

SIGMA: saving time with barcode tracking

Danielle Rischawy

Barcode tracking makes assets easy to manage

The right equipment at the right time
Increased visibility of your assets
Send automated reminder emails
From any device at any time

CHEQROOM is easy to use and quickly implemented at a low cost. Plus, there is no need to buy new hardware: we simply use our smartphones.

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