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Simplify your equipment management with kits!

It’s been a while since we last posted something over here. Over the last few months, we’ve been getting some feature requests. We listened to your feedback and have built a great new feature to enhance your experience on CHEQROOM: the ‘kit’ feature!

How is it useful?

Every so often, you want to combine multiple items of equipment into one order. That’s why we created the brand new kits feature, allowing you – as an administrator – to group items together based on their usability. For example, a compiled kit of AV assets can contain a camera, lenses and shields.

To put it simply: a kit is a collection of equipment items that are treated as a single unit, physically packed in a protective flight case. However, these kit items can still be used separately. It’s not obligatory to combine items into kits. Keep in mind though, that one particular item can be assigned to only one single kit.

Create & checkout in just a few seconds

In order to combine multiple items into a single checkout, you need to create a new kit first (only once). This is pretty easy and will take you literally just about 10 seconds. As soon as you want to check out your entire kit, all you need to do is go to the kit detail screen and hit the ‘check out kit’ button. Did you know you can also check out a selection of your kit items? Pretty neat, huh?

Try it yourself

Open the app and start grouping items together or learn more about how it will simplify your asset management. If you’re new to CHEQROOM, try it out for free right now!

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