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Our best memories from NAB 2019

“Third time’s the charm!”, they say and that’s how we could describe our experience this year at NAB Las Vegas.

We’ve had so many exciting companies coming by, letting us know they’ve heard about CHEQROOM through word-of-mouth and now wanting to see it for themselves. And we had so many of our amazing customers come by, just to say hi and share some exciting and learning experiences with us when working with CHEQROOM.

So, overall, it has been a huge success in our books and we wanted to share some of our great memories from our time at NAB with you.

Celebrating smooth gear management

Alex Hing is the Studio Operations Manager Post Production at Hogarth / Gramercy Park Studios and has been using CHEQROOM for almost a year now. After visiting Alex in New York last year, he came by our booth to have a coffee and share some stories.

alex hing at nab

Life before CHEQROOM was an Excel spreadsheet manual process of updating the whereabouts of gear, dates of check out/in and who it is with; this created an incredibly huge risk when tracking gear in this manner – we would have to be very diligent in monitoring and accountability.”

CHEQROOM has been incredibly flexible in allowing our studio made barcodes to be recognized by the CHEQROOM system. We have also pushed accountability to all users who need to book gear and attaching their information to the equipment and creating deadlines and reminders for this to happen.”

Favorite features: Images for the various equipment, sourced from the web, for visualization of the gear. Oh, and automated notifications on deadlines! Also, the hand-held scanner to check-out/in equipment more efficiently – Everyone loves a barcode scanner! 😊

A game changer for the team of

Another nice visit was from Dani, Austin and Tyler from Iowa State University Athletics – We didn’t get to take a picture, but it was still a wonderful chat we wanted to share.

They have been using CHEQROOM for a little over a year and wanted to come by to say how much they have been loving their new equipment managing process.

Before CHEQROOM our equipment was inventoried on an Excel spreadsheet that maybe got updated annually. We were constantly asking one another where a specific piece of production equipment was and trying to remember who had what camera kit last. There were lots of phone calls and text messages to attempt to coordinate shoots and equipment schedules. ‘Do you know where the light kit is?’

As our inventory of camera gear, production equipment and staff using all the equipment grew, we knew we needed a better system. We needed something that could serve both as a good way to inventory all our equipment in one place and allow us to schedule our shoots in a more effective way to ensure everyone could utilize the gear that they wanted. The ability to reserve gear ahead of a weekend full of athletics events has been a game changer!

CHEQROOM has allowed us to be more organized and efficient in our equipment management. All the staff and interns have their own accounts on the app so they can quickly go into our equipment room scan the gear they need, check-out and be on their way. Being held accountable for the gear they have checked out also means we have had less issues with equipment being lost, forgotten or mysteriously broken.

Favorite feature: We love the app and barcode scanning! Being able to quickly scan the items with your phone has made this system very easy to implement with our staff and students. It is simple yet effective and has seamlessly become a part of our workflow.

Sigma prepping for NAB with CHEQROOM

Another nice memory was the visit from Danielle and Ebi from Sigma. They have been using CHEQROOM for almost a year, and they finally got to test the full functionality at NAB when they had to ship hundreds of items to the fair and back.

Danielle and Ebi from Sigma>

Before CHEQROOM, it took us almost 4 hours to unpack and pack all of our lenses and camera bodies, using a simple spreadsheet. Now it takes us less than half that time and our reps have been loving it! We prepare loaners for all of our Kits and attach them to each pelican case, so the reps only need to scan the items to mark they have arrived safely. It’s been a real game-changer!”

We took some time to visit their booth as well and were able to talk with more team members, to learn how everyone has been using CHEQROOM in different ways. It definitely gave us enough food for thought, and we will be dedicating a full blog post on Sigma x CHEQROOM. Stay tuned! 😎

Are we allowed to namedrop here?

I guess we are.

You only live once, right? Plus: we are so excited about the huge names that dropped by our booth, we just can’t keep them for ourselves.

So here we go. We talked to: Google, Meredith, Pinterest, Disney, Amazon, LinkedIn, Miami Heat, KQED, 12stone Church, SVA, BYU, SEU, Costar, The University of California and many more!

We were impressed. And still are. The future is looking bright. 😁

Vincent and Mathilde at NAB2019

We have many more memories to share, but our blog post would be never-ending. So we’ll wrap up with a picture: our grinning faces sum up our week at NAB. Thanks again to all of you who came by and spend some time sharing your stories with us. It meant the world!

See you next year at NAB. 👋 And if you really can’t wait: we’ll be at IBC Amsterdam in September!

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