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Introducing the new and improved equipment flagging

Our new and improved equipment flagging feature gives you a lot more flexibility when dealing with faulty equipment and repair cycles. The biggest improvement is that when flagged, items can now automatically be marked as unavailable — depending on the type of Flag set by the admin —, making it impossible for users to book broken equipment.

Another big plus is that before you can flag equipment, the app now asks for extra information and offers the option to take a picture (on mobile) or upload one (on desktop) to illustrate the problem.


Only have a minute? Watch this video and let Vincent guide you through the improved flagging feature.

Setting up Flags

setting up flags

Set up flags with a name, description and color

When setting up a new Flag or editing an existing one — yes, you can now edit Flags at any time — you’ll be able to:

  • Pick a name,
  • Choose a color — there are 15 available colors!
  • Add a description: what does this Flag mean? When should it be used?
  • And, last but not least, decide whether or not the Flag makes items unavailable for reservations and check-outs.

Cool little extra: Flag names now support emojis and special characters 🙌!

Impact of Flags on item availability

The biggest improvement of this update is the fact that you can now define the impact of Flags on the availability of items. This lets you differentiate between crucial and minor equipment problems.

If, for instance, a camera lens comes back broken, you’ll obviously want it to be marked as “Broken” or “Needs repair” and taken out of the available inventory at the same time.

Other issues like scratches, however, don’t change the working condition of the equipment. It’s definitely a good idea to encourage users to report on those minor issues using a Flag that doesn’t automatically pull the item out of your active inventory.

💡Pro tip: Use color to visualize the difference between Flags associated with crucial and minor problems.
color coded flags

Red for broken, yellow for scratched, brown for dirty.

(Un)Flagging items

When flagging an item, users are now required to fill in a message field to describe the problem and can upload a picture to illustrate the problem.

flagging items

Users can also open their phone’s camera right from the mobile app and snap a photo.

When clearing a Flag for a specific item, the message section is also required: whoever did maintenance can explain what happened, how it got fixed and can even attach a repair invoice or report.

How does this show in the item timeline?

The item timeline shows when, where and who set the Flag, along with any extra information like the description of the problem and attached photos. You’ll also see the automatic notification that has been sent.

flags on timeline
💡Pro tip: Don’t want to see too much information in the item timeline? Go to the timeline filter and select exactly what you want to see there.

Ready to take flagging to the next level? Go straight to Flags on your account and let us what you think!