ibc show 2019

These were the most impressive booths of IBC2019

We had a blast at this year’s IBC! We got to meet a lot of our customers in real life, heard about how they use our tool and what their challenges are. We also met a lot of new people, talked about all things equipment management, broadcasting, media.

We really enjoyed being surrounded by the market’s biggest AV companies and the newest, fastest technology. These are the booths we liked most.


The most out-of-the-box – or shall I say ‘out-of-the-cardboard’ – booth was Marconi’s. Marconi is a Belgian software solution for radio stations, offering interactive and personalised radio solutions.

marconi at ibc

Credits: Project Marconi

The entire booth – even the couch – was made out of white cardboard (and metal) and decorated with simple black drawings, illustrating the idea that the tool offers personalization of the radio experience.


The most in theme booth of the event was definitely Google’s. They created a miniature version of the streets of Amsterdam with a bridge, tiny houses, tulips and a bike forming the ‘oo’ of Google.

google at ibc

Each house had an actual door leading to a meeting room. How do we know? One of our colleagues, Maëlle, was so curious that she tried opening one. To the people that were attending the meeting she interrupted: sorry 🙈.

google at ibc tulips

Even their swag & logo at the entrance of the venue were Dutch-themed: tulips 💐!


Another Dutch themed booth we really liked: FUJIFILM Europe.


They went for real bikes, lots of flowers, a miniature windmill and clogs – another typically Dutch trademark.

Camera Robotics by MRMC

Most futuristic setting? These guys…

Meet Bolt X, Bolt and Bolt Jr, showcased by Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon Group company.


To showcase their newest VR and augmented reality features, Panasonic had a football player doing some impressive tricks…

Sony’s Cine Alta

The most artistic booth we saw? Cine Alta’s: they created a serene and relaxed atmosphere and had an artist making life paintings.

cine alta at ibc tulips


Atomos certainly knows how to throw a good party: their booth had a DJ and a coffee cart with a barista serving excellent coffee.

atomos booth at ibc2019

Not to mention their legendary 4 o’clock raffle with impressive prizes like Canon and Panasonic cameras. We didn’t get to take any of these home, but we won’t easily forget their shout out: “Atomos, Atomos, Atomos: OY OY OY”.


Last but not least: booth 10.F42 🤩! From left to right: Maëlle, Mathilde, Wendy & Vincent. See you next year!

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